Sample Letter of Confirmation

Sample Letter of Confirmation

This letter is confirmation of our agreement to exhibit the works of _____name of artist________
at ____name of institution____ in the _____place______ from ____beginning month/day____ to ____ending month/day____, _year_ as a solo exhibition.  _____Name of institution_____ acknowledges receipt of the pdf with exhibition fact sheet and written support materials on ___name of artist___.
_____Name of institution_____ understands that shipping arrangements are to be made directly with the exhibiting artist, or as the case may be, the exhibition venues prior to or following the scheduled exhibition, and further agrees to coordinate directly with these venues in assuming 50% of the shipping costs.  If the work is shipped directly from the artist, and returned directly to the artist following the exhibition, then _____Name of institution_____ agrees to cover all round trip shipping expenses. The artist will assume all expenses for crating and packing, and that the work will be shipped ready to hang and/or install. _____Name of institution_____ agrees to provide wall-to-wall insurance to 50% of the retail price in transit/on premises.
Katharine T. Carter & Associates will provide a check to ______name of institution______ in the
amount of $200 towards the production of a color announcement card when the following requirements are met:

1) The announcement card shall only serve the purpose of promoting the exhibition for              _____name of artist________and shall not be used by ____name of institution____  to               promote other artists, other exhibitions or functions.
2) The color card be produced by Modern Postcard or of the same quality.
3) The card to be no less than 4.25”x 6” in size or 1,000 in quantity, with receipt from                Modern Postcard or other printing choice.
4) Katharine T. Carter & Associates will be added to the credit line for all                                    announcements and press materials regarding the exhibition to read “Exhibition                                     organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates”.
5) The institution will mail two hundred (200) of the announcement cards directly to the artist at least two weeks prior to the opening date.
6) An emailed proof be sent to Katharine T. Carter & Associates at for                      final approval along with copy of order for 1,000 cards and invoice in the amount of $200.

Additionally, Katharine T. Carter & Associates will provide prewritten press materials for this exhibition. The exhibiting artist will provide two hundred (200) complimentary catalogues to the institution for the specific purpose of promoting the exhibition at the hosting facility.


(Typed name of contact)




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