Victoria Lowe


Artist Statement

Over the past four decades, the paintings and drawings have focused primarily on atmospheric surfaces and gradations of color. In the earlier works, sprayed enamel was used to create abstract fields activated by coronas of color. In the later paintings in sprayed acrylic, lines at the edges of a canvas create an abstract gateway to an expanse of illuminated space. Recent works employ lines and shifting color moving across multiple panels or sheets of paper that together create one large piece.

The process of making these works is unconscious and intuitive, with each appearing in the artist’s mind’s eye in full detail before they are executed. The progress is deliberate in terms of the application of up to fifty layers of sprayed paint, with goal of evoking the essence of a color. The tiny particles of pigment act like pixels, interacting with adjacent hues to create new, subtle colors and a sense of depth.

Consistent though this body of work is a concern with energy in its many forms and the viewer’s deep emotional response to color. The paintings have their origin in the artist’s childhood experience of stargazing with a telescope, and the feeling of sublime connectedness to things beyond the physical environment and conscious comprehension. The desire to relive that feeling inspires her to create these painted atmospheres. They are free of narrative or subject matter, and like poetry offer the viewer a door through which they may enter to experience the depth of their own imagination.



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