Testimonials by Former and Current Artist-Clients


“Katharine T. Carter has been working on my behalf for 14 years during which time she has organized a touring exhibition of my work which has been booked at 31 museums and galleries throughout the country including New York City. As an artist I couldn't possibly have reached so many institutions all over the country or have known which ones would be receptive to my work. In addition to securing the exhibitions she has arranged for top writers to write catalogue essays and other materials. The British psychoanalyst, D.W. Winnicott wrote, “Artist’s are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. “ Katharine's expertise and determination has left me free to do my work, knowing that she will do hers.”
- Martin Weinstein, New York City 31 exhibitions scheduled

“Duke Ellington was once asked how he managed to always be growing in his legendary musical career. He replied, “every time a phase in my career seemed to come to a halt and I was at a crossroad and didn’t know where I should go, someone would come into my life and point me in the right direction and everything turned out just right.” Katharine T. Carter has always been that person for me. Time and time again. Museum show after museum show. Gallery show after gallery show. In the cloistered world of Fine Art, Katharine is part high priestess, part Obi-Wan Kenobi, part genteel Southern lady and part New York tough gal. She walks in rarified places in the Art World and the artists that are lucky enough to be associated with her, walk with her. What more could you ask for?”
-Michael McWillie 18 exhibitions scheduled

Since 2003 Katharine T. Carter and Associates have shepherded me and my work through nineteen exhibitions. All venues were courteous and professional, and took good care of my work. On several occasions, KTC gave me contact information at venues, and I was able to attend openings and give gallery talks. Additionally, I have made a several visits to art museums and universities, giving public talks, visiting artist workshops, and even presenting to public school teachers. Because of Katharine's representation, I have developed and matured as an artist and also as a person.
-Elizabeth Austin, Vermont 20 exhibitions scheduled

Katharine T. Carter has made it much more productive and satisfying to be a fine artist, which I have been for 30 years. Her professional and quality approach has assisted me in getting a number of major museum exhibitions. Without her leading the way I may never have gotten these exhibitions. I always am enthusiastic to open any email Katharine sends as it often contains the name of a curator or director who has expressed an interest in my work to her. I know that some of my best exhibitions have been in locations Katharine has recommended. I plan on continuing to let Katharine T. Carter represent me in the search and placement of my work.
-J.J. L’Heureux, California 24 exhibitions scheduled

Congratulations Katharine on your 30th Anniversary! I feel very fortunate to have met you 7 years ago when you enthusiastically encouraged me to begin exhibiting my first series of Seascapes photographs. During these seven years I have continued to produce 5 more series which, with your guidance, have been exhibited in Museums and Art Centers around the country with great success, as well as several New York City solo gallery exhibitions. My latest series, “October Waves”, is now on exhibit at the BCB ART Gallery in Hudson, New York.
Along with your talented and accomplished associates, my relationship with KTC has been a wonderfully fulfilling artistic experience. Wishing you many more successful years ahead!
-Sandra Gottlieb, New York City 20 exhibitions scheduled

Katharine Carter has made a tremendous difference in my career. When I started with her my work had been represented by a few galleries and I was struggling to keep up with art making and promotion. Katharine has since secured seventeen exhibitions in museums, art centers and university galleries, and numerous write-ups in a variety of art publications including a review in Sculpture magazine. Katharine and her team are top notch professionals from producing beautiful marketing materials to following up contracts, and everything in between. Katharine has helped move my career to a level I only dreamed about and didn’t know how to achieve, and I believe we’re just getting started.
-Kathleen Elliot, California 18 Exhibitions scheduled

KTC and Associates produced gorgeous written and visual support materials that have truly exceeded my expectations. Katharine and her team have created the ideal interface between my work, museum and gallery curators and the audiences I have sought. Within a year of signing on, Katharine secured an entire tour of my Hawser Series drawings and photographs to venues I could never have found on my own!
-Huguette May, Massachusetts 12 exhibitions scheduled

Having had the privilege to know Katharine for over six years, I never cease to be amazed by her stunning professionalism and fierce dedication to her work and clients. Not only does her deep appreciation for art make her an enthusiastic and always wonderful partner to communicate with, but her tremendous knowledge of the business gives me great confidence in her ability to help expand and promote my work effectively. Since being with KTC and Associates, I have had ten shows organized, each executed with ease and unflagging commitment from Katharine. In the slippery space of the art world, it can be difficult to find someone who truly understands what vision you are striving towards and what support you need to share this vision. In Katharine, I have found a woman who exceeds these demands, a woman I trust, faithfully, and who I know will push, passionately and tirelessly, to help get me what I need. I look forward to working with her in the many years to come.
-Brenda Giegerich, Connecticut 10 exhibitions scheduled

“After knowing Katharine for over ten years now, I know her to be a woman of her word. Everything she has promised, she has delivered. It’s because of her that things that were just dreams for me are now realities.”
- Susie Cronin, Vermont 19 exhibitions scheduled

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the good advice you gave me and the exhibitions you arranged during the years that you represented me. The 16 solo shows you organized in states from California to Washington, DC far exceeded you contractual agreement and certainly brought new attention and respect to further my career. It is my pleasure to recommend your services to other artists who are looking for serious career development.”
- Jack Dowd, Florida 16 exhibitions scheduled

“Challenged by my fluctuations in my creative and artistic series, you have continued to stick with me through the years…yes, it has been 12 years! You have been amazing from the start, with your encouragement and energy, with your enthusiasm for my work, with your tireless persistence in searching for new venues that have presented me each time in a better and better light. Starting with your workshops that have fired me into new levels, you have gone on to provide me and your other clients with numerous services, venues and encouragement in this vast artistic territory. For taking me under your professional wing…Thank you.”
- Marian Bingham, Connecticut 20 exhibitions scheduled

“Although I was a mature artist working in Ireland and The United Kingdom, my career was at a crossroads and I needed someone to point me in the right direction. Engaging Katharine T. Carter and Associates was the stimulus I needed. Within a year she organized exhibitions all across the United States in museums, galleries and universities. Her catalogue of my tour was much admired in Europe and because of Katharine’s contacts I was asked to show my work in The National Museum Of China in Beijing. Her introduction to her talented associates helped to forge new friendships and many of them came to visit my studios in Europe. I have so many happy memories of William Zimmer and myself trudging the streets of Morocco and Granada . I am now a much more established painter because of Katharine and I will always be eternally grateful to her.”
-John Kingerlee, Ireland 19 exhibitions scheduled

I have worked with Katharine T. Carter and Associates for the last 18 months and have found it to be very rewarding. The materials produced are simply excellent. The writers I've worked with are brilliant, perceptive, open and receptive. Katharine has scheduled five exhibitions for me within the first year of our work together. I highly recommend working with Katharine T. Carter and Associates for artists at all levels, especially for mid-career professional artists looking to expand their dialog within the arts community.
- Katherine Ace, OR  5 exhibitions scheduled

“I have been pleased to work with Katharine T. Carter in the museum placement program for 2 years. The high caliber venues where she has scheduled my solo exhibitions have been wonderful to work with. The immediate community validation from exhibiting at these respected institutions has made it easy to get newspaper and web-published articles on my work. It also gave me the credibility to procure gallery representation in some of the locations. I recommend this program to artists who are ready to branch out and explore a serious nationwide audience for their work.”
-Linda Mitchell, Georgia 8 exhibitions scheduled

“Getting your work out there” is no easy task for any artist. Working with Katharine has helped me understand how it all works and has successfully placed my work in some very impressive venues across the country. And when it comes to looking out for the artsist’s interests, Katharine does just that! I recommend her services to any artist that is serious about promoting their vision.
-Stewart Nachmias, New York City 8 exhibitions scheduled

“Katharine Carter and Associates are consummate professionals that work tirelessly to find the right opportunities for the artists they represent. Katharine not only served as a partner in promoting and placing my work, but also became a mentor helping me to negotiate successfully with curators and staff in major exhibition venues. My goal has been to obtain solo museum exhibitions and Katharine Carter and Associates has helped me to successfully reach this major milestone in my career. I look forward to our continued work together. Thank you Katharine!”
-Linda Vallejo, California 10 exhibitions scheduled

“Katharine does exactly what she says she's going to do. She told me she could get me museum shows; I got more than I ever hoped for. She is thoroughly professional and takes care of business down to the smallest detail. It's a big commitment on your part, and one you should not take lightly, but if museum placement is the next hurdle in your career, Katharine's got you covered.”
-Ed Freeman, California 9 exhibitions scheduled

Katharine delivers. When there are so many people out there willing to take artists’ money with little result, I can’t imagine dealing with anyone else. Katharine’s integrity and her connections in the business are unsurpassed. If you want to make a great investment in yourself and in your career as an artist, I highly recommend Katharine. In just two short years Katharine has secured eight museum or university exhibitions for me. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without her. She has this business down to a science. If you’re a mid-career artist looking for real growth and real connections, you needn’t look anywhere else.
-Rob Vander Zee, Virginia 9 Exhibitions scheduled

It has been my pleasure to work with Katharine Carter for a number of years. I met her at a seminar she hosted at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. I was impressed by the quality of her programs and the caliber of her Associates. This encouraged me to ask her to represent me for the purpose of having my work exposed to much broader audiences. Through her efforts, I have had the honor of exhibiting my paintings in a number of museums, which culminated in a tour of major works from January 2012 through November 2012 that visits five major venues throughout the United States. I recommend Katharine Carter to artists who have a need for broad national exposure.
-Henk Pander 9 Exhibitions scheduled

To many it would seem odd for a person on the threshold of retirement to suddenly launch into a new career. Well, not exactly new in that from infancy, and throughout my professional years, I have never strayed far from the drawing board or easel. In addition, as my elders had so often reminded me, “ A real artist never retires.”
And now, thanks to Katharine Carter coming into my life – or rather vice versa – I’m off and running, doing the work that I have forever been most in love with; spending full time at my easel. Thanks to Katharine’s encouragement and her sterling reputation in the gallery and museum worlds, I now have exhibitions a-plenty and have found myself the subject of some highly encouraging press notice. But the main ingredient in all of this is the fact that Katherine T. Carter is one of those rare individuals in the art world who really knows what she’s talking about.
So thank you Katharine – thank you so much for helping an old pro with the opportunities to develop the career he’s always dreamed of.
-Dick Morrill, New York 8 Exhibitions scheduled

“I engaged Katharine T. Carter & Associates to represent me in securing museum exhibitions in the United States. Although I was a new artist without exhibiting experience, Katharine and her associates were able to secure many exhibitions in a very short period of time. This resulted in my having an almost continuous showing of my work around the country at different museums for 2+ years, together with corresponding reviews in local publications, including the Los Angeles Times. In addition to their advise and guidance, Katharine T. Carter & Associates assisted me in creating a brochure of my work, together with an essay from a prominent critic, which I was able to use to help in securing commercial gallery placement and representation in several cities, including New York and San Francisco. Katharine T. Carter & Associates apply a level of professionalism and integrity that excels in all their work with artists and art organizations.”
- Robert Bissell , California 8 exhibitions scheduled

“Katharine T. Carter & Associates have been instrumental in promoting my career. Shortly, after meeting Katharine, she arranged interviews with art critics from Art News, Art in America, and The New York Times. Katharine’s team put together a great catalog and in the first year booked four museum shows. My art career is rapidly moving forward due to the KTC team of professionals.”
-Travis Erion, Colorado 15 exhibitions scheduled

“Your commitment to the placement of my work in venue upon museum venue throughout the United States accompanied by an extraordinarily professional promotional campaign that only you and the Associates could have mounted far exceeded my expectations and became a major impetus in moving my career to new levels. You have my continued admiration for your tenacious efforts in securing the museums. The thorough execution of all our endeavors was carried out by you and the Associates with great integrity. I remain proud of our association and indebted to you for all that you have achieved on my behalf and thank you for paving the road of my career development.”
-Joan Giordano, New York City 9 exhibitions scheduled

“The Katharine T. Carter organization has consistently succeeded in obtaining exhibitions for me at quality institutions. The marketing materials prepared by their organization are of superb quality. The strategy of always following up results in establishing and maintaining a personal relationship between the organization and the corresponding museum or gallery. I am very grateful for their thoughtful and professional services on my behalf.”
-Abe Ordover, California 13 exhibitions scheduled

“The services provided by Katharine T. Carter & Associates helped my career move to a new level. The museum exhibitions created both energy and interest in my paintings – which gave curators, dealers and clients more confidence in my work. The promotional catalogue with essay by a leading critic and produced by KTC increased sales and provided a better understanding of the work.”
-Astrid Preston, Los Angeles 18 exhibitions scheduled

"Katharine T. Carter & Associates assisted me in focusing my efforts related to working with the art world. Directly, through the company’s participation, I was able to establish valuable gallery and curatorial contacts. KTC significantly helped me in further developing my museum exhibition history. The company exceeded my expectations with regard to the number of museum exhibitions they were able to secure on my behalf. It was clear that Katharine believed in my work, and I’m extremely appreciative for all the efforts that she and her staff put forth. ”
-Terry Rodgers, Ohio 12 exhibitions scheduled

“I have been associated with Katharine T. Carter for over three years. She has been instrumental in moving me to a new level of confidence and credibility by her very capable and efficient means of museum exhibition placements with concomitant provision of excellent support services. Katharine T. Carter is a person with high ethics, credibility and exemplary knowledge and experience in the art world…she works hard for you and knows how to get results. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my fellow artists…as I already have.”
-Howard Rubenstein, Rhode Island 9 exhibitions scheduled

“Make no mistake about it, Katharine IS Katharine T. Carter & Associates. Her enthusiasm, expertise and understanding of the art world provide her clients with the wealth of twenty years experience. She has accumulated a list of associates whose reputations and expertise are truly impressive. Before I signed with Katharine, I called some of her clients trying to get a sense of the woman I would be dealing with. Each artist had a unique take on the company and the woman, however there was one word universally used when describing the woman herself, that word was ETHICAL, which was enough for me.”
-Pat Drew, Georgia 9 exhibitions scheduled

“I have been with Katharine T. Carter and Associates for about a year and thus far she and her staff have organized three solo Museum shows as promised with more in the works. I enjoy working with Katharine and consider it a pleasure to recommend her services to the serious artist who could use some serious help with their career objectives.”
-Barry Masteller, California 6 exhibitions scheduled

“I am so grateful to KTC because I am now free to make my art while the exhibiting of my work is fully taken care of for me. I have had shows in the last year and have more lined up for the next two years. I had a New York show that I never would have obtained on my own. I know how to work making art, but am not good at and don't like the "career building" aspects that are so necessary today. This is really ideal! Thank you Katharine!!”
-Nancy Hellebrand, Florida 9 exhibitions scheduled

“As a full time digital studio artist, I hardly have enough time to keep up with the advances in my field, the technical challenges of my computer driven technology and the development of my images. There was simply no time to concentrate on the all-important component of artistic success, which entailed researching and pursuing acceptable venues in which to show my work. Without the expertise of the Katharine T. Carter organization I would never have been able to secure one -person shows at the four outstanding museums and galleries that have been booked for me in 2005. The connections, vitality and expertise of this organization has enabled me to establish myself in the professional art community at a level that would have otherwise been impossible.”
-Ann Weiner, Connecticut 8 exhibitions scheduled

“The professionalism and integrity of Katherine T. Carter and the team of Associates she has assembled to help artists is outstanding. Her team rapidly and creatively produced an exceptional promotional Catalog of my recent work, and then used that to secure 4 shows in my first year using her services. At every stage along the way, from Jonathan Goodman’s wonderful essay to Bill Mutters color corrections of my images, they have been helpful and insightful, and I am looking forward to many more years using her services.”
-Richard Bolingbroke, California 10 exhibitions scheduled

“The well organized, focused efforts of Katharine T. Carter and Associates has allowed me to reach out to many new communities where I have had the pleasure of sharing my paintings, sculpture, and films. I feel very lucky to have become aware of their services. I eagerly look forward to my upcoming exhibitions that they have arranged, including a New York sculpture exhibition, an institutional exhibition of my paintings and sculpture from the 90's, and a retrospective which will fill an entire small art center/museum and sculpture garden. I am grateful for these opportunities.”
-Rita Blitt, Kansas 8 exhibitions scheduled

“KTC is the best. She has been instrumental in placing my work in museums and university galleries all over the country.”
-Phil Joanou, Los Angeles 19 exhibitions scheduled


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