One-on-One Career Development Consultations for Visual Artists

A consultation with Katharine T. Carter is an in-depth evaluation of an artist’s work, professional accomplishments and presentation materials, combined with solid advice and valuable recommendations designed to promote and enhance career development. During an initial evaluation prior to the consultation, Ms. Carter analyzes all submitted presentation materials and comes to the one-on-one session well-prepared to offer specific and appropriate advice that is tailored to the artist’s unique career objectives. Ms. Carter will first gauge how far an artist’s artwork and career has proceeded towards his or her goals, and then project what can reasonably be accomplished through new initiatives.

Some of the areas covered during the consultation include: promotional presentation materials, marketing strategies, and goal structuring.  Ms. Carter outlines the opportunities that are suitable to the artist’s style and level of achievement.  She also explores other statewide and regional opportunities for the artist’s work, such as museums, college and university art galleries, corporate collections, corporate and independent consultants, architects, landscape architects, designers, interior designers, and public art projects.   Prior to the conclusion of the consultation, Ms. Carter will discuss the Company’s higher level services. All questions regarding fee structures for Company services will be addressed at this time. A consultation includes a copy of Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success, our comprehensive career guide and artist resource listing.

During the consultation, Ms. Carter provides extensive and valuable resource information tailored to the artist’s needs.  A tape recorder, and active note-taking, is required for the duration of the consultation; the session will be information intensive.


STANDARD CONSULTATION - NEW YORK CITY: Consultations take place in Manhattan at specified times; year-round in Hudson, NY on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

IN-STUDIO CONSULTATION: Available upon request. Additional fees are charged for travel time and travel expenses.

SCHEDULING AND CANCELLATION POLICY: A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to finalize a consultation date and time with balance due at consultation. Consultation date and times are not confirmed until the deposit check is received along with artist support materials. Materials must be received in the offices 14 days prior to consultation, or the time will be released to another artist. As already stated in company materials, deposit checks are fully refundable if an appointment date and time has not been confirmed in writing by email and on invoice. Conversely, consultation date and time is not confirmed until we have the deposit check—no exceptions. Upon receipt of deposit, we will mail the artist a copy of Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success to facilitate preparation and maximize the impact of the consultation itself. If artist’s support materials are not received in our office at least 14 days prior to consultation, appointment time will be released to another artist and the deposit forfeited. No shows will be charged the full amount of the consultation.

What a Personal Consultation Can Do For Your Career

Join these and countless other artists across the United States who have advanced their careers as a result of the direction and insight provided during a one-on-one career consultation. After reviewing your current work and presentation materials and analyzing your goals and current situation, Ms. Carter makes specific recommendations to help you improve your professional practices and develop a marketing strategy tailor-made to suit your unique artistic goals.  Whether you are a mid-career or established artist, after 33 years in the business and securing over 500 one-person museum and gallery exhibitions for her clients, Katharine T. Carter has the experience, skills and ability to guide you to the next level or to kick-start an established career.

“I found our meeting to be a very valuable experience. I gained a great deal of insight into actions to take which will propel my career with far more velocity than I had been able to generate without professional consulting. I am clearer now that I have what it takes to fulfill my professional goals and objectives.’’   

– E.M., Cincinnati, OH

“Katharine Carter has the unique ability to inspire as well as to inform the artist who is not aware of how to approach the myriad problems of organizing and presenting their work to the right people. I highly recommend her services!’’                                                            
– L.D., Jensen Beach, FL

“I know of no one more dedicated to helping artists further their careers than Katharine Carter. She is very effective.’’                                                                                          
– R.J., Brooklyn, NY

“Your consultation has been an energizer –– giving me focus and direction.  You’ve taught me what no art school does ... the ropes!”                                                                 
– T.R., Amherst, MA    

“I’ve come away with the feeling that I have gotten more than what I paid for. As an artist starting out, this experience has helped (again) to give me more knowledge and direction ... and most valuable to me, it has given me a confidence I hadn’t had. You have helped make the start of this process for me more real and less intimidating.’’
– J.S., Dayton, OH

“I don’t think I’m the only artist who has felt, due to fear or ignorance of marketing, that his or her career was up against a row of locked doors. Katharine showed me how to open the doors and which ones to open. A valuable service, well worth the money.’’
– W.C., Benton, AR

“Ms. Carter provides an invaluable service to the individual artist. Her keen insight and advice have skillfully guided me since my consultation; in addition, the results speak for themselves.’’
– M.L., Belleview, NJ

“The insight and inspiration of your coherent, rational approach to the art-marketing business is refreshing. Even I can understand it.’’
– T.Z., Lakeland, FL

“I regard Katharine T. Carter as valuable educational art resource/business consultant. She has big-league experience and also a hometown heart! Lawyers, physicians and businesspeople engage in ongoing education throughout their careers - it is prudent for artists to do the same. Like it or not, economics are involved in being an artist. Today’s artists need art business information and Carter is a proven, excellent source.’’
– S.G., Melbourne, FL


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