Professionally Produced Support Materials for Artists

Professionally produced support materials provide the most effective presentation of the artist’s work to prospective clients and exhibition venues. Writing services include essays, artist’s statements, promotional cover letters, biographical summary, press releases, media releases and pitch letters. Catalogues and brochures with essays by important critics and independent curators, with accompanying color reproductions, provide the most impressive documentation.

Basic Art Writing Services Package       $1800                                      

I.         Petite Essay:                                                                                                       300 words

Produced by an art writer and intended as a general description and short lively discussion of the work for use by the artist, gallery dealer or museum professional.  Ideal for use on the web, or inclusion in promotional materials in support of an exhibition or event.  (Not intended as a scholarly discourse but more as an introduction to the artist’s work.). 

II.        Artist Statement:                                                                                             250 words

The artist's statement is based on an interview with the artist and a review of their slides. An art writer from Katharine T. Carter & Associates will interview the artist by telephone, conduct research (placing the artist's work on both an art historical continuum and in a contemporary context) and prepare an objective and highly descriptive statement.

III.      Promotional Cover Letters:                                                                        3 letters

Katharine T. Carter & Associates composes effective, market-directed, and “personalized” cover letters to assist the artist in the professional presentation of their materials.  These cover letters target separate venues or areas that are appropriate for the artist’s work (e.g., commercial galleries, museum curators, corporations or pitch letters for the press including general media, art critics, radio and television).  The thrust of each letter is directed towards a specific reader and situation.  The focus of the letters is to encapsulate pinnacle achievements in a career so that the reader will carefully review all materials submitted.  The close of the cover letter will set a series of events into motion that will stimulate a follow-up situation.

IV.      Artist Biographical Summary:                                                                    1 page

Katharine T. Carter & Associates summarizes the overall career accomplishments of the artist in the areas of exhibitions, reviews, collections, honors and grants, education, and travel related life experience in an artist biographical summary.  Its purpose is to communicate that the artist is “substantial and significant.” The biographical summary is a necessary component to the press package or can be used in lieu of a formal resume.

V.        Press Release:                                                                                                    2 pages

Two-page press releases are created in conjunction with an exhibition, event or award. The press releases are written by a public relations professional and are designed to maximize impact of the career opportunity for the artist. 

General Press & Art Press/Media Package:                      

Standard two page press release, media release, 30-60 second radio/TV spot, and pitch letters to art press and art writers, general press and radio and television. (Robert Mahoney); a package to get your promotional efforts moving.  Enables the artist to continue to self-promote in a direct and efficient manner using hard copy materials.

Press/Media or Marketing Research:

150 leads tailored to individual artist                                      

KTC & Associates will research 150 press/media leads and commercial marketing opportunities for artists including art press/writers for magazines, cultural and special publications, glossies (according to subject area), free listings, daily and weekly newspapers, and feature writers.  Name, address, and telephone/fax/or e-mail (when available) is provided.  May optionally include research surrounding an exhibition venue (galleries, consultants, corporate collections, etc.).

Essay by New York Critic                                                                           $2 / per word – min. 750 words

Essays by New York critics provide scholarly discourse by high-profile art writers who extend their support to deserving artists, art organizations, and businesses.  For artists, an essay, combined with a brochure, serves as a powerful promotional tool.  For art organizations and businesses, an essay can serve to place an exhibition or a collection in its proper perspective. The process involves a 45-60 minute interview and the shipment of one to three actual works to the critic before work can commence.  Restrictions apply. ($250 additional fee for non-contract clients)

Essays for Individual Artists are assessments based on an interview with the artist, slides and reproductions, and actual works.  A 45-60 minute interview, either by telephone or in-person, is required.  The critic will need to view one to three actual works before commencing with the essay-writing process.  Generally, works are shipped directly to the critic, fully insured and with return postage.  If the interview is conducted in-person in New York City, the artist may bring the work to that interview. The only restriction for the use of the essay is that it is solely for publication in either an artist published, privately published, museum or gallery published catalogue or brochure.

When an artist decides to proceed with the essay, Ms. Carter will provide published samples of the Company’s Associated critics’ writings for the client’s review.  Ms. Carter then meets with the critic selected by the artist and makes a presentation on the artist’s behalf.  If the critic accepts the essay request, the artist’s slides and support materials are left in the critic’s possession. The return of slides and supporting materials, as well as artwork, is fully supervised.

Specified limitations to changes on written materials:

It is the responsibility of the artist-client to proof all written materials provided by the associate critics. It is in your best interest to read these pieces very, very carefully before returning to the critic for minor changes. You are limited to the following changes: grammatical errors and inaccurate factual information or quotes — extensive revisions are simply not permitted; only minor changes are allowed. The Associates are high level professionals of significant accomplishment in this field and their observations, style of writing, personal expression and critique of the work simply cannot be tampered with in any way, or the integrity of their contributions to our efforts could be called into question.

Incorrect grammatical errors, inaccurate factual information or quotes must be highlighted, underlined and italicized with corrections parenthesized to the immediate right of the word or phrase in question. Each change requested should be numbered (1, 2, 3...) and listed again at the end of the written piece within the context of a complete sentence so there is no confusion on either person's part.

Payment schedule for essay:

• Payment of 100% of essay cost is due in advance of contacting critic or beginning work on the essay. If the artist elects to design and produce his/her own brochure for independent use, using the critic’s essay, the fee for a 600-650 word critic’s essay is $1,200 plus $250 for independent use outside of placement contract. Full payment is due in advance of beginning work on project.

• Should the critic be required to travel over one hour roundtrip to the artist’s studio, the artist will be charged an additional $125.00 for the critic’s time plus an additional $62.50 for each additional hour travel time; should the critic’s travel to an artist’s studio involve an overnight stay an additional $250.00 will be charged.  The artist is responsible for all transportation costs, meals and lodging for the critic.

Artists must allow 60 days from inception to conclusion of project. Rush jobs are an additional 20% of the final charges.


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