Public Relations and Promotional Services Package

The Public Relations and Promotional Services Package is designed to increase name recognition and potential for media coverage for the artist. The campaign is coordinated in support of exhibition/s in the not-for-profit sectors or for-profit commercial sector. The service is tailored to the needs of an individual artist’s exhibition.  Effective and attractive promotional materials are developed for high-level impact with the media within a specified geographic region and nationally. Public relations professionals work with the artist and exhibition venue to create a targeted public relations and promotional campaign culminating in maximum visibility.

Services include the writing of all press materials and online marketing materials by Associate critics and marketing professionals, assembly of all essential elements of the press kit folder and supporting materials, identifying media opportunities locally and nationally, as well as email and telephone follow-up. Campaigns are directed toward the art press, including art writers, art critics for newspapers, art/cultural publications, special publications according to categories and subjects related to the artist’s work, glossy consumer magazines, newsletters, radio and television when appropriate, free listings, daily and weekly newspapers, and feature article writers on larger circulation newspapers, as well as internet and blog opportunities. The artist may elect to include local and regional art professionals, corporations and businesses and patrons of the arts in their community and is responsible for providing contact information based on defined goals.  Extensive follow-up, including email blasts and personal telephone contact is provided to each client.  Minimum lead time is 3 months and services are provided through the ending date of the exhibition.

A full-service public relations and promotional services package includes a total of 150 press packets containing standard two page press release, media release, 30-60 second radio/TV spot, and pitch letters to art press and art writers, general press and radio and television.  Also included is the development of online marketing materials specially tailored to appropriate media contacts.

Public Relations and Promotional Services 3 Month Package: $12,000 for 100 press packages, 500 color announcement cards and multiple online marketing campaign of 3,000 plus email blasts; additional press packages are $25 each. An extended service is available for an additional $4,000 per exhibition and includes an additional 50 press packages, color announcement cards and online marketing campaign. All rush projects – under 3 months lead time - are assessed at an additional 33.3%.

A brochure or catalogue with a critic’s essay is optional and available at an additional charge with 6 months lead time. Cost of color copies is not included.  Postage for catalogues provided for promotion by the artist is additional (each artist can include a maximum of 6 color reproductions at no additional charge).





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