The New York Presence/National Gallery Placement Program for Visual Artists


While people are engaged in the arts throughout the country, most arts professionals do at least a portion of their business and maintain professional contacts in New York.  Curators, dealers, writers, editors, producers, designers, architects and collectors from around the world pass through this city with varying degrees of frequency.  News and ideas are exchanged, opinions and advice sought and rendered and proposals floated.

The New York Presence Program is designed to give artists access to the kinds of opportunities an independent New York City curator or freelance agent typically hears about.  The majority of the Company’s Associates are located in New York City and the Company has long-term ties to many professional resources and contacts. The New York Presence Program is administered by Company President Katharine T. Carter.

Beyond the rare but omnipresent possibility of a one-person exhibition in a New York City gallery, non-profit or alternative space, participants in the New York Presence Program may also have their work considered for a number of other opportunities in the greater metropolitan tri-state area. Also, the number of group exhibitions mounted in and around New York is staggering. Independent curators, critics and gallerists seek out new art and artists for thematic group exhibitions and potential reviews.  Many upscale retailers, restaurants, florists and other businesses host artists’ work in their establishments.  Some specific types of art are used by the creators of everything from concert posters to subway art programs to movies and commercials.  Dozens of private, public and corporate collectors and acquisition curators reside or do regular business in New York.

This program is recommended for artists who do not currently reside and work in the greater New York area. The New York Presense Program was designed to assist artists from outside of this area. These professionals must have had several one-person museum exhibitions nationally or internationally, or ten years of exhibiting experience and exceptional professional performance in the areas of exhibitions, reviews and collections.

Participating artists may be considered for:

• dealers, both private and public
• curators, affiliated and independent
• critics who would be interested in their work based on prior writings in art publications
• publications that might feature their work in articles or on the cover
• consultants
• university/college exhibiting opportunities in the greater metropolitan area, to include institutions with Masters level and Ph.D. programs in Art and Art History and MFA programs
• inclusion in group exhibitions at non-profit, corporate, commercial and alternative exhibition spaces;
• small group or solo exhibitions at prestigious non-traditional public venues such as libraries.

The program also provides artists with information on:

• thematic and juried shows in and around New York City
• new galleries that may be relevant to the artist’s work
• trade fairs and other pertinent events.

Participation Guidelines:
To participate, artists must first have a preliminary one-on-one consultation with both Katharine T. Carter and Dominique Nahas. Preliminary requirements are that a participating artist provide 12 complete sets of CDs and appropriate supporting materials, with postage for each package provided. These are first reviewed by the Company’s Associate critics and independent curators prior to studio visits or seeing the work.  Artists who reside in the New York City area (including Brooklyn) will have 60-90 minutes of studio visits with the senior Associate critics and curators.  Artists who live outside of the immediate area would need to make arrangements to bring their work to New York City to a suitable location for a minimum of three days. The artist must be present for each in-studio consultation. Following these consultations the associates provide the company with a list of 10-15 recommendations and a 150 word critical analysis of the work, which are forwarded to Katharine T. Carter.

Includes: 10-12 private one-hour studio consultations conducted by the Company’s Senior Associates critics and curators and the production of written support materials.  Each associate provides a list of 10-15 venue recommendations within the greater metropolitan area, tri-state area and nationally. Katharine T. Carter then assembles all of the associate's recommendations and creates pitch cover letters for the mailing. The 150 piece mailing is implemented in three waves over a nine month period. Katharine T. Carter then personally follows up on these leads. Periodic updates and reports are provided and reviews as to what has been accomplished, responses, and discussion of future follow-up. Throughout the 12-month contract period, Katharine T. Carter is continually researching new opportunities and following up appropriate leads.  Katharine T. Carter will assist in arranging in-studio visits by interested parties.

Placement Fees are in addition to the contract fee. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Placement Fee is due when the gallery takes a minimum of three works on consignment.  Fifty percent (50%) is due when the dealer includes a single work in a group exhibition or when a client’s work remains at the gallery for a six-month period.  Seventy-five percent (75%) is due when the artist is given a two-person exhibition. One Hundred percent (100%) of the Placement Fee is due “payable in full” upon receipt when the gallery contracts the artist for a one-person exhibition.  Once the formal introduction of the artist’s work is made to the dealer, the terms of the contract with Katharine T. Carter & Associates are binding with no time limitation.  Under this contractual agreement no commission on sales is paid to Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

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