Social Media Marketing and Promotions Package

The Social Media Marketing and Promotions Package is designed to enhance the name recognition and online presence of an artist. The service, tailored to the artist’s aesthetic, coordinates the 32-40 hours a brand should spend online to establish and expand a following/ consumer base, present work and share ideas, connect with your target audience in a more intimate fashion and promote coverage of current and upcoming exhibitions. The social media specialist works with the artist to create a visually attractive and socially engaging campaign using various platforms which increases visibility.

An initial consultation is set up to outline objectives and review of the artist’s online presence. Services for the social media marketing and promotions package include the set up or additional set up of social media accounts, crafting a social media campaign and calendar, curation of new/original and existing content, networking and interacting with the target audience, promotion of reviews and articles from media outlets featuring the artist as well as current and upcoming exhibitions, research and analytics. The campaign is geared towards art enthusiasts, galleries/curators, art collectors, art critics/writers and publications. Along with original content creation, the social media specialist will consult with members of KTC & Associates to procure art press generated by the company to use in the campaign. 

Social Media Marketing and Promotional Services Package: $500 for consultation and presentation, $3,600 for social media accounts set up, social media calendar, research, networking and content curation (This includes daily updates and maintenance of social media profiles for a three-month period.), $1,800 PR surrounding event/exhibition, pre/post event coverage, networking and promotions of reviews relating to the exhibition.













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