About Katharine T. Carter and Associates – Company Philosophy and Mission

Katharine T. Carter & Associates is primarily involved in securing one-person museum exhibitions nationally for mid-career artists, and has successfully secured over 1000 such exhibitions in the last three decades.

Our thrust and mission is the serious development of the artist’s professional career and reputation in the not-for-profit sectors. Exhibitions in these institutions – museums, museums on college and university campuses, better college and university galleries, art centers and alternative spaces – impact positively on media exposure, sales potential, and affiliation with a suitable gallery. Successful gallery representation becomes more probable and profitable in conjunction with a museum exhibition, which offers the ideal venue for introducing an artist in a new market in a specific geographic region. Established galleries in metropolitan areas generally are hesitant to seriously consider an artist unless they have had one-person museum exhibitions and are represented in numerous museum collections nationwide. We also focus on seeking gallery representation for our clients in New York City and nationally, but are not in the selling end of this business.

Foremost, when Katharine T. Carter & Associates secures the museum or gallery exhibition, the Company advises the artist on how to effectively embark on a media and commercial marketing effort surrounding the exhibition. Through a balanced approach of shared responsibilities and realistic goals, the artist becomes a “practical visionary’’ with the necessary survival skills to sustain a successful and thriving career.