Cross Contemporary Partners Digital Marketing Program

Cross Contemporary Partners Digital Marketing Program is the new fine arts on-line marketing division of Katharine T. Carter & Associates, which will serve to reshape museum placement and non-profit promotion fully encompassing the commercial sector utilizing digital representation formats via social media. Katharine T. Carter and Jen Dragon, Associate Director of the Katharine T. Carter & Associates, have partnered to create Cross Contemporary Partners (CCP) Digital Marketing Program. Developed for past, current, as well as new clients of Katharine T. Carter & Associates, this effort is uniquely designed to enhance our clients’ online presence, to showcase their artwork to galleries, consultants, collectors, curators, scholars, architects and designers world-wide, and as an effective marketing and promotional tool to support scheduled exhibitions in the non-profit and commercial sectors nationally.

This program will be directed and managed by Jen Dragon, a gallerist and curator for over 30 years, and who offers the clients of Katharine T. Carter & Associates a decade of social media experience. Through Cross Contemporary Partners presence on, and partnerships with other successful marketing platforms such as Art in America, Art & Object, Kunstmatrix, Art Logic, Jen Dragon will actively and regularly promote each artist’s career through carefully structured and balanced components developed for maximum exposure, and also showcase works for sale to collectors., which will anchor this program, is a highly prestigious, online, international curated portfolio that will support ongoing projects, initiate contact and collaboration with museum and gallery professionals, and extend the reach of museum and gallery exhibitions to audiences worldwide. Images of artwork uploaded onto generate extensive exposure on Google, which ultimately adds to an Artist’s “digital footprint”. These promotional efforts will be exponentially enhanced by the combined 10K email contacts of Cross Contemporary Partners and Katharine T. Carter & Associates. 

The Cross Contemporary Partners Digital Marketing Program Includes:

  • listing of 15 available artworks for sale for each participating artist
  • an bio, statement and essay created from the KTC written support materials (the Petite Essay, Artist Statement and Biographical Summary) formatted for maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • 4 Quarterly virtual projects tailored to the artist’s goals.
  • Dedicated website for participating artists and their artworks on ArtLogic
  • 1 Solo and at least 2 virtual group exhibitions on the 3-D Kunstmatrix gallery platform.
  • 24 annual Instagram posts (2+ post per month)
  • 12-18 annual Facebook Posts. These posts are varied between events and promoting exhibitions, posts that highlight an artist’s artwork and process, and artworks listed on
  • 4 annual newsletter emails (email list of 10K+) highlighting the artist, their work and exhibition schedule mailed from the ArtLogic mail program
  • Inclusion in a sponsored slide show on the Art & Object website as well as posts on the Art & Object Facebook page
  • Dual listings on the Art in America Online Guide on both Katharine T. Carter & Associates and Cross Contemporary Partners sites.
  • All virtual exhibitions and events listed in Art in America/ARTnews’ and Art Forum’s art guide
  • Additional new categorial listing on website for works available for sale through Cross Contemporary Partners (CCP) Artsy platform.
  • Exhibition Support promoting an artist’s museum, non-profit and for-profit exhibitions by publicizing the artwork, the venue and amplifying any press and exposure opportunities surrounding the exhibition. The goal is to drive traffic to the institution or gallery as a partnership effort.

How Cross Contemporary Partners Promotes Art on

For over 30 years, KTC and Associates and Cross Contemporary Art have built up an extensive email lists of over 10K contact’s addresses specifically targeting museums and non-profit institutions nationwide, architects, designers, academics, art consultants, art writers and art collectors.  We will highlight one artist every two-three weeks in a newsletter to our combined mailing list describing the artist’s process and career including links to articles about their work on the Internet, and current or upcoming exhibitions. Rotating virtual group exhibitions will be curated to encourage a gallerist or curator to seriously entertain an exhibition concept as a reality in a commercial or non-profit exhibition setting. This online activity will help with an artist’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization); ie: the more an artist is referenced on the Internet, the more likely Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, increase the artist’s on-line profile. Non-profit exhibition venues appreciate when an artist has a robust online presence as it helps to promote their programming and fundraising; and sales if they are a commercial gallery. Ultimately, is a premier vehicle for maintaining and expanding an artist’s digital image archive and enhances exposure across the internet. Social media, if managed effectively, can drive targeted traffic to the artist’s website.

Jen Dragon will establish goals with each artist and tailor an individual social media plan to accomplish these goals. Apart from promoting the artist’s website, a resume and written description of works for sale, listing of current and upcoming exhibitions, press coverage and acquisition information will be presented. And in the context of, artists will be showcased with other significant artists of the 20th and 21st century, further validating their work and career. Additional promotion inclusive through Cross Contemporary Partners will utilize the newly rebranded social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This enhances an artist’s online visibility and helps grow the audience base of a hosting venue as well as encouraging local and regional coverage by the media.

When Cross Contemporary Partners Sells Art

Cross Contemporary Partners operates like a brick-and-mortar gallery in that CCP will take a 40% commission of any online sale generated through Artsy. Cross Contemporary Partners will invoice the buyer for shipping, handling and insurance costs in the event of a sale. The artist is responsible for the proper packing and crating of the artwork for shipment, and will be reimbursed for any shipping costs by CCP. A third-party gallery benefits from the artist’s presence on by having a wider reach for marketing the artist’s exhibition without incurring the costs of participating on, Art & Object and Art in America. The chances of an artist selling artwork during a museum or gallery exhibition increases substantially through the online marketing promotional activity by Cross Contemporary Partners. Katharine T. Carter & Associates will not take any sales commissions, as has been the practice since the founding of the company. 

The Requirements to Build an Artist Site on

  • Hi-res images of artwork (1 MB or more) with titles, dimensions, date, media and price
  • Installation shots of past exhibitions are also welcome
  • An updated resume from which we will choose the most relevant exhibitions
  • Any online press, Blog Posts or critical writing links and link to company pdf

Cross Contemporary Digital Marketing Program: 12-month standard contract for new clients without pre-existing visual and written support materials: $7500. These standard support pieces must be designed and written by the Associates for overall consistency and quality. (500 Word Critic’s Essay, Artist Statement, Biography, 2-Page Press Release, 1 Page E-Release, and Pitch Letters to the Non-profit, Commercial, and Media Sectors, and link to company designed PDF).

Special events and opportunities requiring additional promotion beyond the specified components outlined in the program description can be arranged directly with Jen Dragon, and is billed at $150 per hour. A written estimate will be provided upon request.