Francine Tint VG

Francine Tint

Francine Tint is a New York-based in artist whose career and current work reflect her long-standing involvement in abstract-expressionist art practice. Tint, whose paintings the famous critic Clement Greenberg regularly discussed in visits to her studios, has been influenced by earlier New York School practices–but without facile reiteration. Tint belongs to a small group of painters who are transforming a heavily trodden path into something quite free of excessive historical influence. So Tint is to be congratulated on her tenacious, innovatory revision of a great past in painting. As a painter, Tint relies on broad, more or less monochromatic backgrounds, usually embellished by abstract flourishes, whose uncertain outlines result in splotches and blurred forms that contrast with the single color behind them. These may be paintings whose general ambience feels familiar, but the works do in fact establish a formal vision, one close to poetry, that occurs as an independent reading of a popular style. Painterly lyricism is the best way to describe Tint’s art. Although she is a mature artist, Tint nonetheless commits her art to the current actions of the moment, new and visionary at once.