Peter Cusack VG

Peter Cusack

Peter Cusack explores themes of human identity, sexuality, consciousness and crisis, illuminating the hidden psychological realities of everyday life. Heroic male and female figures live their lives beyond the view of ordinary society, revealing interior monologues of desire, longing, rejection, ambiguity, fear and despair – but without shame, inhibition or the need to conceal. Cusack’s emotional insight, technical skill and freedom from convention make these revelations possible. His subjects are intriguing and deeply complex; the roles and rituals they portray can be recognized from our shared experiences. The echoes of the art of past centuries enrich his imagery, but these representations appear fresh, spontaneous and honest. In spite of Cusack’s vague or ambiguous titles, the characters in his dramas come across as real people in real situations, and it is the strength and resonances of Cusack’s images that makes a narrative possible for the viewer to construct.