Anne Hieronymus VG

Anne Hieronymus: Envisioning the Particular

What is singular and arresting in this exhibition is not only the type of world the artist creates for us, an alien world, but how she goes about constructing this alternative reality as it pertains to utter environmental destruction. Hieronymus’s world in certain ways seems to mimic our naturalistic earthly world, is specked with tendencies at once playfully and seductively childlike, while also unsettled by streaks of dystopian sensations and sinister associations. Anne Hieronymus employs a multiplicity of forms to map out an intricate world of her own making, and through this complexity she manifests a motionless void for quiet contemplation. She is meticulous, insightful and self-assured, and unassumingly expresses the transitory nature of everything around us. Whether through her drawings, collages, photographs, or sculptures, the artist wants to activate what she terms an “out of placeness” sensation for the viewer, signaling that her work is a meditation on the mystery of unrelenting change. It is not surprising that for years the artist has been fascinated by ruins and the implication they bring up about earthly temporal existence.