The New KTC Affiliated Artists Program

We are formally launching our new KTC Affiliated Artists program on September 15, 2022. This program is 12 months in duration with three additional months included at no additional charge for creation of the written support materials by the Associate critics, preparation of images, and for the design, installation and launch of your solo exhibition. Artists can select their IKONOSPHERE gallery on Kunstmatrix, our 3-D exhibition platform. Examples of completed exhibitions curated by Katharine T. Carter & Associates can be seen in our Virtual Galleries section on this website. Please see our Services For Artists section for complete information regarding exactly what we are offering artists, our requirements and costs. After months of planning we have restructured our company to include this new program, and to incorporate our existing museum placement program into this digital marketing component.

Museums and the non-profit sector as well as commercial galleries have found it increasingly necessary to direct their energies and resources into the digital realm through internet marketing in order to reach their audiences. Artists must also adapt to these challenges by engaging with digitally informed marketing techniques designed to build their professional reputations and establish new audiences for their work. Shipping costs for exhibitions have increased substantially due to growing fuel costs creating the necessity for both galleries and museums to consider inventive and robust ways to further promote their exhibitions and educational programs. Artists must also face this challenge if they wish to continue to seriously build their careers. The paradigm and structure has shifted and this is now that future.

We at and, are committed to securing national exposure for our clients from the digital marketing techniques we have now put in place. We continue to seek exhibition opportunities and far reaching visibility for our artists across this country. We invite you to visit KTC Affiliated Artists at to see what has been tangibly accomplished in the last two years. We sincerely hope you will consider our invitation to embrace these exciting new possibilities in a clearly defined partnership of mutual respect, one that will help artists to gain wider professional recognition. Celebrating 37 years, Katharine T. Carter & Associates has booked over 1000 exhibitions for her artist clients…because we work harder and smarter.

All the terms and program descriptions for KTC Affiliated Artists Digital Marketing Program and our Exhibition Placement programs are described in detail in our Services For Artists section.

Please use our Artists Inquiry Form to contact us with questions about any of our services and to show us examples of your work.