John Lyon Paul VG

John Lyon Paul: The Visionary at Work

John Lyon Paul’s Studies on Mylar and Glass, an ongoing series now including more than one hundred works, from which the paintings in the current show Spun from Light, Woven in Silence have been selected, began in 2010. The paintings in the series fall into three categories. The first is a group of imagined landscapes, with large forms that suggest gorges, rocky topography, and stormy skies. A second group of paintings employs a graphic X that implies an intellectual conundrum: a bold assertion of identity that at the same time aggressively negates that identity. The third kind of paintings are complex works in which abstract forms start to resemble organic and geometric images placed within an environment imagined from within. John Lyon Paul’s paintings are done either on glass, Mylar, or Acrylite. These materials give his art a fugitive quality, with the image forming and decaying before our eyes. Using acrylic paint on the reverse side of the clear supports, Paul employs a spectrum of painterly effects.