One-of-a-Kind Company: A Resource to Art Institutions Nationwide

WHO: Katharine T. Carter & Associates
WHAT: Rental-Free Exhibitions complete with pre-written press materials, 200 color catalogues and 1000 color announcement cards and Educational Programming.
WHEN: Now.
WHERE: Across the United States.
WHY: Because difficult times force paradigm shifts.

There is one Company in the United States that has been providing services to institutions, at no cost, to foster the continuation of arts programming during difficult fiscal times – Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

Just the facts:

  • Over 37 Years of Service.
  • Over 1000 museum and gallery exhibitions scheduled.
  • More than 300 arts institutions served since 1985.
  • NO rental fees for museum exhibitions.
  • Educational programming in the visual arts by our distinguished Associates.

What we provide:

  • Access to professional artists working in a variety of media, with art ready to ship and install.
  • 200 Color catalogues for each exhibition.
  • 1000 Color announcement cards produced for each exhibition.
  • Pre-written press materials composed by our New York Associates, leading art critics and curators.
  • Educational lectures and seminars through our Fine Art Lecture Services

Important to remember:

  • We are not agents, and are not involved in the sale of art, in any capacity.
  • We are not presenting traveling exhibitions; we are presenting artists and their work.
  • We align institutions, galleries, consultants and corporate curators directly with artists.

Identifying talented and deserving artists is the most time consuming task for most curatorial staff; we identify professional artists and present their work to you as a resource. That is our mission: Katharine T. Carter & Associates facilitates relationships between artists and arts institutions, art professionals and galleries.

We provide this help to the institutional community in the interest of fostering interdependent business relationships between artists, curators, critics and non-profit institutions. Our services help forge positive and lasting associations that benefit all parties, create positive momentum for the artist and the institution, provide educational opportunities for the community that generate valuable critical discourse between artists and art audiences.

Troubled times and tough circumstances can prove transformative. The art world must become more efficient with its resources – there is simply no other choice. We’re asking the question: does the current art business paradigm continue to serve the shifting needs, and more spartan realities of today’s art audience?