Parallel Fields VG

Parallel Fields: Kathleen Elliot, Kaethe Kauffman and Bobbie Moline-Kramer

The three artists in this exhibition: Kathleen Elliot (CA), Kaethe Kauffman (HI) and Bobbie MolineKramer (CA) have the artist’s mentality to extropolate, to build outward while balancing mystery with clarity to project their personal visions. Kathleen Elliot is driven by the beauty of nature and man’s ability to distort, disrespect and redirect its fruitful functions with only monetary gains in mind. Sugarladen products that endanger even further our reliance on a heavily processed and unhealthy food supply expand the message and the madness of the profit-first abusers. Kaethe Kauffman’s stream of consciousness flows through thoughts of mind and body connections that culminate in an array of mysterious physical representations. Points of interest can fall anywhere on the human body from a toe to a knee or neck, yet all of these works have the same sort of awareness that there is a fine line between soulless suffering and comforting serenity. With her intimate mixed media paintings, Bobbie Moline-Kramer moves us from clear representation to non-objective art utilizing veils of transition and transcendence. We see in each piece a symbolic conversion that varies in intensity and emotion depending on the expression of the previously painted portrait and the intensity of the ensuing abstraction. At only six by six inches, they pack an emotional punch that catapults the viewer into an elusive narrative of personal associations driven by eye-to-eye contact with subject.