London Amara VG

London Amara: Ethos: The Alchemy of Spirit and Light

London Amara has created intimate black-and-white portraits and haunting images of the wooded landscapes of Florida, Ohio, California, and British Columbia. Employing the use of a singular technical strategy, she works on site in a portable darkroom made from an ice-fishing tent to produce large-format, collodian photographic images. Amara’s immersion in the visually marked cycles of biological life is juxtaposed and combined with intimate portraiture that depicts family and friends as bound up with the places they come from and inhabit. Her interest in the myriad formal and symbolic complexities of the body, not only as a biological entity, but also as the site of breaks in routines and relationships—is evident in her work and is now fully aligned with what she terms her “first language,” the wordless speech of the organic world.