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Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success
By Katharine T. Carter & Associates
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
419 pages

Available in the Softcover Edition and the Hardcover Library Edition

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“Katharine T. Carter has been in the business of helping artists find their place in the art world for 25 years. She not only has an intimate understanding of the inner workings of the art world herself, but is also a consummate networker who taps into the expertise of a wide range of respected art professionals. This book is the culmination of her experience and that of her extensive community of artists’ advisors. There is not a better book for an artist looking for solid, practical advice on how to make a life as an artist.”
Kathryn Markel, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, NY

“In Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success, Katharine T. Carter & Associates outline an amazingly detailed plan for artists to establish a successful career (including an equally detailed analysis of what ‘success’ might mean to a particular artist). Carter and her associates take you through specific steps in each stage of achieving a successful portfolio, exhibition history, and individualized goals for any artist who wants more recognition from audiences and arts professionals as well as more financial and professional rewards.”
Glenn Harper, Editor, Sculpture Magazine

“Whatever you call Accelerating on the Curves – manual, guidebook or bible of professional practice for the visual artist, it also offers the wisdom and counsel necessary to achieve true success.”
Roland Reiss, Professor of Art and Humanities, Emeritus,
Claremont Graduate University

“As a stand-alone reference or as part of a formal program of study, Accelerating on the Curves provides both developing and established artists with an incomparable and comprehensive tool for personal professional development in today’s increasingly complex cultural and commercial marketplace. I am eager to share this book with all of our faculty and students!”
Raymond Allen, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost,
Maryland Institute College of Art

“Katharine T. Carter has assisted hundreds of artists with career development over the past 25 years. Now she and her Associates have produced a book on how to make it in the art world. They certainly know how it works and what it takes to succeed. This will be a great resource for all serious artists.”
Astrid Preston, artist, Santa Monica, CA

“Having known Katharine since she first began presenting her lectures on how to go about the ‘artist’s business,’ I have watched her accelerate on the curves – growing, adding, and improving her services to artists. She has practiced what she preaches, and her modeling of the thinking, strategies and methods for success demonstrates both their applicability and functionality to a career in the arts. This is a great guide for ruminating about the business of art wherever you are in your career.”
John P. Begley, Gallery Director, Hite Art Institute, Louisville, KY

“A whirlwind ride on the highway to artistic success! Thanks, KTC and Associates, for providing a clear, comprehensive and authoritative roadmap – an invaluable navigational tool kit that every artist should have.”
Mallory O’Connor, art historian, author, President, oconnorart LLC

“KTC is a fantastic force not only for any ‘new artist on the scene’, but for any established practitioner. She has proven herself over and over to be consistent, dynamic and effective.”
Ronald Sosinski, Director, The Proposition Gallery, NYC

“Katharine Carter knows what it takes for an artist to become successful. To have her knowledge and expertise in book form will be an indispensable resource for any artist wanting to grow in today’s marketplace.”
Robert Bissell, artist and owner, The Dreamroads Press

“A dream became a successful art gallery in large part due to Katharine T. Carter’s astute guidance and encouragement. Her professional approach to laying a solid foundation upon which to build the critical elements of a gallery; artist procurement, interior aesthetics, showcasing art media, mounting
one-person exhibitions, marketing, etc., was unparalleled. This essential volume for anyone interested in doing it right is long overdue and will be revisited often.”
Denyse McLean, McLean Gallery, Malibu, CA

“Accelerating on the Curves is essential to any artist who needs guidance in taking their careers to the next level. Artists: take from this important guidebook and grow.”
Robert Melee, artist, NYC/p>

“I have known Katharine T. Carter for many years as a friend as well as professionally and I can certainly vouch that whatever she touches is done with 100% heart and total professionalism. Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success is no exception. It takes into consideration both perspectives; what is expected of an artist to have the best opportunities and also what the artist can do to break through the boundaries with the necessary information provided in exceptional detail.”
Nadiya Jinnah, artist, NYC

“Katharine T. Carter has drawn upon her considerable experience as an advocate for artists to put together this very handsome and useful book. This book will provide good-humored, valuable career advice for artists for years to come.”
McWillie Chambers, artist and private dealer, NYC

“Most artists have never made a business plan and are waiting for their big break, which is like waiting for a lottery win. This book is a useful tool – bringing together many experts to educate artists on the realities of what happens outside the studio.”
Susan Shockley, Curator, The Parthenon, Nashville, TN

“What an excellent and comprehensive road map for any artist on the winding, and sometimes bumpy, road to a successful career! Katharine T. Carter & Associates have brought much more than 25 years of their broad marketing experience and expertise to create a clear guide through the maze of
marketing, press packets, presentations, exhibitions and so much more.”
Marilyn M. Bassinger, Director Emeritus, The Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX

“I have worked collegially with Katharine T. Carter for over 20 years at three respected museums. She
is a consummate professional with an excellent eye for talented artists. The services she provides artists
are comprehensive and unparalleled in the field. A book like this is long overdue. I only wish
something like this was available when I graduated from college with an MFA. They taught us
nothing about the art world. We were totally on our own. I think it’s still that way.”
Tom Jones, Director, Museum of the Southwest, Midland, TX

“Katharine T. Carter has made use of her 25 years of experience in marketing artists to write
Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success. The book provides information on what
professional artists should know, sources for learning it, and how to develop a plan that will guide
their careers in the direction they want to go. It is a compilation of practical, reality-based information
designed to improve the chances for artists to achieve their goals.”
Kevin Dean, Director, Selby Gallery, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL

“Katharine T. Carter’s Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success is aptly titled.
Through her experiences she has filtered out much of the unnecessary and distilled the essential
stepping stones of an artist’s career.”
Stephen Haller, Stephen Haller Gallery, NYC

Accelerating on the Curves provides both a great metaphor and a powerful guide for living the artist’s
life. Katharine T. Carter offers a powerful and entirely original template for achieving professional
Sally Helgesen, author, The Female Advantage, The Web of Inclusion, The Female Vision

“I find this to be a well-conceived, practical and highly informative how-to manual for working artists
who wish to take control of the business end of their enterprise.”
Livio Saganic, artist and Professor of Art, Drew University, NJ

“Katharine is a bold trailblazer helping artists establish their careers. She definitely got mine on track.
There are not that many people out there in the artist’s corner, which makes her an even more
valuable part of our world. Take heed of her and her associates’ wise counsel and you will go far!”
Susan Read Cronin, artist, Manchester, VT

Accelerating on the Curves is a must read for any artist who aspires to have his or her work seen.
Katharine Carter and a host of the best critics, artists, web experts and writers cut through the fog to
guide you along the road to success.”
Phil Joanou, artist, Los Angeles

“Every sentence is filled with useful information. Most definitely an artist’s best guide to protocol and
professional practices.”
Suzanne Jackson, artist and art faculty, Savannah College of Art & Design, GA

“Katharine T. Carter and Associates does an excellent, conscientious job of analyzing the work and
prospects of under-recognized artists, helping to make them more marketable, teaching them how
to take charge of their careers, and finding them opportunities they didn’t know existed.”
Victor M. Cassidy, art journalist and contributing critic for,
Art in America, Black & White, and Sculpture, Chicago, IL

“Katharine T. Carter writes a navigational system that integrates proven points into an effectual
menu-driven guide for artists. It is an invaluable resource, which when combined with tenacity, will
enable aspiring artists to reach the next levels of achievement.”
Ellen Slupe, corresponding critic for Art Matters, Lancaster, PA

“Since not all artists are effortless self-promoters, a book like this is needed. Tools for helping artists
move ahead with their careers are suggested and provided by Katharine T. Carter and a team of savvy
critics. From the practical to the philosophical, the writing is what you’d expect from such an A-list.”
Cynthia Nadelman, art critic, poet, contributing editor for ARTnews, NYC

Accelerating on the Curves: the Artist’s Roadmap to Success is a great resource for the aspiring artist.
For the past 25 years Katharine T. Carter & Associates has been instrumental in shaping artists’ careers
and continues to have a professional rapport with artists in all levels of their development.”
Scott Canty, Senior Curator, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

“In thoroughly walking artists through the ABC’s of how to achieve success, Katharine T. Carter
offers the all-important E for empowerment. Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap
to Success
will be an indispensable guide to artists in finding the steps to take through the maze of
the art world, as they embark with the benefit of 25 years worth of knowledge and insight provided
by KTC and Associates.”
Marcia Wood, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta

“The gulf between what happens inside an artist’s head/studio and what happens in the art world is
hard to cross. Katharine T. Carter & Associates’ new book will be an invaluable guide to that difficult
passage. They have the experience and, most of all, objectivity, to aid any artist on their career path.”
Martin Weinstein, artist, NYC

“This rigorous, detailed, exceptionally thorough treatise on career management for artists reflects the
author’s (and contributors’) years of observing the contemporary art market. Clearly and efficiently, it
demystifies self-promotion by providing insights into the expectations of dealers, curators, collectors,
critics and other art-world players.”
Stephen Maine, artist and contributing critic for Art in America,,, Art on Paper, Artecontexto, NYC

Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success is an impressive and comprehensive
compendium of insights that are vital for any artist serious about following a clear path
to career success. Katharine T. Carter & Associates have produced a book that is singular and unique
in its vision for providing artists with ideal game plans to follow on their professional journey.”
Jude Schwendenwien, critic and writer, Los Angeles

“Sharing professional expertise and guidance through the years, Katharine T. Carter & Associates
has been a powerful link bridging artists with museums and galleries. The latest endeavor,
Accelerating on the Curves, is a comprehensive resource for any artist wanting to navigate a course
from unknown to shown.”
Deborah Stapleton, Director, The Anderson Center for the Arts, IN

“Fielding artist’s requests for ‘insider’ advice about exhibiting their work and how to professionally
advance their careers has always been a real challenge. Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s
Roadmap to Success
will be required reading for not only the artists asking these important questions,
but also for the teachers, professors, gallery directors and museum professionals they turn to for
guidance and mentoring.”
Jose Gelats, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL

“Some time ago in a galaxy far, far away…actually it was in St. Leo, Florida and later in New York
City, and it wasn’t that long ago, Katharine T. Carter was kind enough to represent me and to share
with me her secrets to achieving recognition in the Art World. She started me on a road that let to
shows in art museums and galleries. The secrets she taught me are in this book!”
Michael McWillie, artist, Dallas, TX

“Art-world manuals that are both practical and readable are few and far between. Accelerating on the
Curves pairs focused reflections by an impressive range of essayists with a precise and detailed guide to
making the most of professional creative ambition.”
Michael Wilson, independent critic and editor, NYC

“A concentrated collection of advice by art industry insiders, Accelerating on the Curves is a valuable
guide for artists navigating their own careers.”
Andi Campognone, Curator and Gallerist, Pomona, CA