Exhibition Placement Services

Faced with the unprecedented challenges brought on by Covid-19, economic, social, and political shifts the cultural and educational institutions presenting contemporary art are reinventing themselves. Survival for many is based on the ability to adopt and embrace new paradigms and ideas and to establish new partnerships. The entire art support structure is changing in ways that appear to more fully embrace a digital marketing component. To change with the times does not require drastic or even desperate measures. However, changing without compromising the quality of the services and programs desired and demanded by audiences and patrons does require being open-minded, resourceful, and innovative.

Katharine T. Carter & Associates, founded in 1985, has over 37 years experience as an art services organization for the benefit of the individual artist, has established Exhibition Placement Services to help visual art presenters uphold and advance their roles as a communities’ leader in aesthetics and education. To that end, the Exhibition Placement Services provide museums and galleries with high quality visual arts exhibitions. This generous support provided to art presenters is a result of Katharine T. Carter & Associates’ efforts to pool the resources of the art community; to have each participant in the process of presenting high quality exhibitions work interdependently.

Katharine T. Carter & Associates has recognized and actualized the alliance among artists, art presenters, art scholars, critics, essayists, curators, educators, and commercial art businesses. This interdependency is carefully focused in ways that directly serve each partner’s respective needs.

  • The artist gains exhibition exposure through “brick and mortar” opportunities as well as virtual museum and gallery exhibitions.
  • Art scholars, critics, and writers gain more opportunities to provide discourse and curatorial involvement.
  • Museums, gallery directors, and curators gain the opportunity to provide audiences and patrons with innovative and stimulating art and impressive catalogue/brochure documentation.
  • The museum and gallery staff gain enhanced educational materials.
  • Art dealers and artists gain monetarily from the pedigree established as a result of inclusion in an important museum and gallery exhibition, can be further enhanced by digital marketing.
  • Quality and integrity is exercised and controlled by all participants.

This model has proven very effective, especially in a period of dwindling resources and opportunities. The effort has been so effective that well over 1,000 exhibitions have been placed within museums, better college and university art galleries, art centers and commercial art galleries nationwide. Exhibition Placement Services provides a wealth of cost-effective, high quality exhibitions, and an array of possibilities.