Design and Production of Catalogues

Catalogues and similar promotional materials provide high quality marketing tools for both artists and institutions. For artists, these “preferred” presentation formats are considered necessary for establishing direct sales and representation. For museums and educational institutions, exhibition catalogues provide all the standard expository and educational information necessary to fully document a professional exhibition. For art businesses, a catalogue describing and promoting the identity of the gallery and its stable of artists or its art services is essential for establishing credibility with artists looking for reputable representation; collectors looking for a well respected gallery; and art enthusiasts interested in credentials. For art consultants, print pieces dramatically document and describe things such as corporate placements and commissions.

All artists working with Katharine T. Carter at higher level services are required to have a catalogue produced by the company. In addition, all catalogues distributed and used by Katharine T. Carter & Associates are required have the company’s contact information printed on the back of the artist’s brochure. Full color brochures are designed by a professional New York design firm, with essays by New York critics, in four, six, or eight page formats, 8.5 x 11″. Artists must provide digital files of work to be featured in the catalogue.