Public Relations and Promotional Services Package

The Public Relations and Promotional Services Package is designed to increase name recognition and potential for media coverage for the artist.  The campaign is coordinated in support of exhibition/s in the not-for-profit sectors or for-profit commercial sector. The service is tailored to the needs of an individual artist’s exhibition. Written promotional materials are developed for high-level impact with the media within a specified geographic region and nationally. Social media and digital marketing content utilizes attractive professional design and effective written materials. Public relations professionals work with the artist and exhibition venue to create a targeted public relations and promotional campaign culminating in maximum visibility.

Services include the writing of all press materials and online marketing materials by Associate critics who will identify media opportunities locally and nationally as well as provide email campaigns and follow-up. Campaigns are distributed through a mailing list of over 14K emails of arts professionals, writers, critics, journalists, art/cultural publications, collectors, gallerists, designers, art consultants, architects, glossy consumer magazines, newsletters, art press, radio and television when appropriate, free listings, daily and weekly newspapers, and feature article writers on larger circulation newspapers. Minimum lead-time is 2 months and services are provided through the ending date of the exhibition.

Full-service public relations and promotional services package includes two page press release, one-page e-release, and a short form bio to use in follow-up communication with press, curators and collectors. Also included is the development of online marketing materials specially tailored to appropriate media contacts, press, curators and collectors.

Digital Marketing and Promotional Services 3 Month Package: $7,500; 8 weeks lead-time required.