AllartStudio – Video for the Fine Art Professional

AllartStudio creates broadcast quality videos that give artists a marketing edge. The unique qualities of the artist’s work and process come to life in this dynamic medium.

The video can be used in many ways:

  • For distribution to clients and galleries
  • For grant proposals or other publicly funded projects
  • As a complimentary component to an exhibition
  • As an educational tool for the hosting institution
  • Show it on your website
  • Document installations, performances, and other ephemeral work

A standard video package includes:

  • Interview with artist led by our team’s art historian in NYC
  • Integration of images of scanned artwork (content to be provided by the artist)
  • A musical soundtrack created by AllartStudio

Note: Studio visits, footage of the artist at work, and additional interviews may be included, however there would be an additional fee.

You will receive a broadcast-quality Master DVD of the video. The video will have duration of approximately 3 minutes.
Cost: $3,600 (taxes not included)


  • Consultation to decide upon style and content of video
  • The artist provides AllartStudio with any existing promotional materials and a CD of high-resolution images of the artwork
  • Second consultation to discuss interview questions and finalize details for the shoot
  • Filming to take place in NYC or Philadelphia. The artist is responsible for providing the shoot location. This can be the hotel room or another location designated by the artist.
  • First review of video by artist
  • Any revisions to be made by AllartStudio
  • Final review of video by artist
  • Delivery of Master DVD and return of any materials provided by the artist.

Alison Slon Design
Web Site Design For Professional Artists 

It is increasingly important for artists to maintain an online presence. An artist’s web site portfolio allows a wider audience exposure to his work along with important critical analysis, reviews and other support material. 

A customized artist web site generally includes:
An  in depth review of the content of the site and discussion about the navigational structure and its organization. This will lead to a design review in which the artist can approve a layout of the site including overall color and design concerns.
Meetings can take place by email and phone or in person in New York City. 

An introduction to the artist which can include both images and text.

Customized to feature art works by category based on review and discussion.
Includes 1 or 2 main pages with thumbnail links to up to 40 individual pages for each art work with text description and “back/next” navigation. 

Chronological Resume (CV)
Main page with text of Artist’s Resume

Biographical Summary
As provided through Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Artist Statement
As provided through Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Petite Essay (300 words)
As provided through Katharine T. Carter & Associates

List of reviews with links to pages with full articles

Contact page
Email link to client. Any other info client wants to include (Address etc.) and links to related sites (galleries, other online archives).

A web site will range between $3000 – $4000 depending on the scope of the site and the number of pages.
Biographical Summary, Artist Statement, and Petite Essay are not included in the price and are available through Basic Writing Services Package from Katharine T Carter & Associates.