The New York Presence Program for Visual Artists

The New York Presence Program for Visual Artists is a referral program independently available through Robert Curcio of curcioprojects, designed to give artists access to the kinds of opportunities an independent New York City curator or freelance agent typically hears about. Beyond the rare but omnipresent possibility of a one-person exhibition in a New York City gallery, non-profit or alternative space, participants in the New York Presence Program may also have their work considered for a number of other opportunities in the greater metropolitan tri-state area. Also, the number of group exhibitions mounted in and around New York is staggering. Curators, critics and gallerists seek out new art and artists for thematic group exhibitions and potential reviews. Dozens of private, public and corporate collectors and acquisition curators reside or do regular business in New York.

Participating artists may be considered for presentations to:

  • dealers, both private and public
  • curators, affiliated and independent
  • critics/writers who would be interested in their work based on prior writings in art publications
  • publications that might feature their work in articles or on the cover
  • corporate collections
  • consultants
  • inclusion in group exhibitions at corporate, commercial and alternative exhibition spaces
  • solo exhibitions at galleries and prestigious non-traditional public venues such as libraries, corporate offices and lobbies

To participate, artists must first have a preliminary one-on-one consultation with Robert Curcio, director of the program. If you are not located in the NYC/Tri-State area, Curcio can come to you provided that travel expenses and accommodations are covered. It is also possible to have this done online via Facetime or Skype. The consultation will be approximately 45-60 minutes, discussing your art work, career goals, pricing, web site, upcoming exhibitions or projects, and additional areas.

After the consultation, Curcio will review your site and make suggestions since your site will be the main marketing tool used when contacting curators, consultants, galleries, and others. He will also write a cover email containing pertinent information about you with links to your site and other relevant sites, as well as assemble a list of 35 – 45 contacts that will form the basis of your program. You will receive both the cover email and contact list approximately three weeks after your consultation to review and approve.

Once you have approved the submission materials, signed the program agreement and the fee has been paid, Curcio will begin to email contacts from the list. Should he not receive any response, Curcio will call the contact person. Still no response, Curcio will send a final email. Curcio will keep you informed about responses. Should there be a positive response – studio visit, participation in an exhibition, inclusion in an article, etc., Curcio will orchestrate any initial meeting or place you in direct contact with the person. Curcio will be available to advise and assist after initial meeting, however, further involvement will be dealt with as required and may involve a separate agreement and fee.

The program lasts for six months; cost is $4,000.