In-Studio Consultations and Critical Analysis
by New York Critics and Independent Curators

An In-Studio Consultation is an assessment based on the viewing of an artist’s work by one of the Company’s Senior Associates, (a top New York critic or independent curator). It includes a one-hour studio visit, as well as suggestions for potential opportunities when appropriate. The Associates will provide the artist a list of 15-20 venue recommendations within the greater metropolitan area. It is the artist’s responsibility to follow up on these leads.

FEE: $750 plus travel expenses outside of New York City.

An In-Studio Consultation and Critical Analysis includes a two-hour studio visit, a 300-word critical analysis of the artist’s work and 20-25 recommendations for appropriate venues in New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.

FEE: $1,250 plus travel expenses.

Should the critic be required to travel more than one hour roundtrip to the artist’s studio, the artist will be charged an additional $125.00 for the critic’s time, plus an additional $62.50 for each additional hour of travel time; should the critic’s travel involve an overnight stay, an additional $250.00 will be charged. The artist is responsible for all transportation costs, meals and lodging for the critic.

The analysis is primarily intended for the artist’s personal instruction and use in professional improvement. The critic or curator will substantiate the analysis upon request. The following restrictions apply to the use of the critical analysis:

  • It may not be published or listed in a bibliography as a review.
  • It may never be used in its entirety, but quotations may be made as a minimum of three sequential sentences.
  • The artist may never say “written” when referring to the critical analysis but may use words such as “said,” “observed,” “commented,” or “remarked.”